Game Hype: Agony

Probably NSFW…

Demonic possession mayhem in Hell.

So, I have this little obsession with strange, quirky and usually horrific indie games that pop up on the internet. Horrific in genre and (often) in build quality. They usually embrace the first-person perspective, some form of janky crafting system (which is particularly broken or unclear) and questionable fighting mechanics.

Luckily, Agony doesn’t look like it suffers from any of these problems.

If I had to imagine a brand-spanking new first-person horror game that took influence from 2016’s DOOM, then Agony is it. This game looks equally gorgeous in a really disturbing way, very similar to that of DOOM. As far as graphics go, for a non-AAA game, Agony is shaping up to be a really impressive and unique visualisation of Hell.

Withered trees, fleshy sculptures made from tortured people (presumably sinners if they’re in Hell) and trippy skies that are so vivid in colour you’ll think you’re hallucinating. You’re not, this is art, baby. Gross, fleshy, naked art.

Yeah, so there seems to be a lot of nudity in this game. Some of it justified by the idea of being vulnerable and naked in Hell etcetera, etcetera… But, I will say there’s a fair bit plonked in here for the sake of being titillating. I’m all for developer creative freedom, but sometimes it just makes you feel uncomfortable. WAIT, maybe that’s the point?! Excessive nudity in order to manipulate your fears and confuse you. Now that would be clever.

OR maybe it’s an easy way to get people interested, who knows, I just know the premise of this game excites me. Ehem. Not like that.


We haven’t been treated to too much detail on what the final game will encompass as a whole, but from the demo and recent trailers it’s clear that it has something to do with a ‘Red Goddess’. This Red Goddess is a holy-like figure, embodied in statues throughout the caverns and plains of Hell itself, and worshipped by the mindless, droning souls who populate it.

I’m guessing the story will entail something to do with finding this Red Goddess and either one, please her in whatever form that takes, or two, kill her. Because nothing says victory like ridding Hell of lust.


If you’re into weird horror games then I think this is a game you should keep checking for updates. It’s said to be coming to Xbox One and PS4 as well as PC (they even posted about physical copy covers!).

So get hype, and rock on through the bloodied trenches of sinners’ paradise!

Star Wars Battlefront – The Rebirth of Gaming?

As we crawl closer to the annual Star Wars celebration in April, Battlefront fans such as myself are exploding with anticipation for the first gameplay trailer.

2004. Wait 2004? It’s been that long? 11 years since the first and best Star Wars Battlefront game. Now I’m only 19 and that fact makes me feel old. After the original Battlefront game we’ve seen a few different iterations on Sony’s handheld PSP ending in 2009 with Elite Squadron. I bought and played all of the these games for hours, I just couldn’t get enough of fighting as a common soldier rather than the center figure. This concept of being one of the many has always appealed to me. In any game when you are a part of the larger whole it feels epic. That could just be me, but I don’t care.

1199597814_battlefrontStar_Wars_Battlefront_II_wallpap Star_Wars_Battlefront_-_Renegade_Squadron_1019200734022PM997Battlefront elite squadron

When EA announced the resurrection of the Battlefront series in 2013, I was extremely excited (to say the least, pretty sure I jumped out of my chair). Out of all the games I love to play this series is at the top of them. Assassin’s Creed has become pretty stale in my opinion, I felt the same with Halo when the 4th installment was released but Guardians is coming across as more refined and fresh so pumped for that.

Games are becoming increasingly samey and boring to me so I’m moving through different games relatively quickly. The new Star Wars Battlefront I hope will change this.

Alexander Jones