Game Hype: Star Wars Battlefront 2

Like it or not, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming.

On April 15th, at the Star Wars Celebration, we will get our first look.

Plenty of gamers shared disgruntled moans and cries of disbelief when they discovered how bare EA’s reboot was when it originally released in 2015. Being the wild card that I am I will openly admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Dedicating over 100 hours of gameplay time and £40 for a season pass, I found myself hooked. But, even in my position as a blind sheep I can still see the countless flaws of EA’s Battlefront.

So, rather than asking the question of how Battlefront 2 can improve, I ask WILL it improve?

Have the big, bad cyborg bosses, sitting in their sky-high towers absorbing power from the sun and money from other blind sheep, allowed developers to implement their original creative ideas? The first thing that springs to mind for any Star Wars Battlefront hopeful is ‘SINGLE-PLAYER CAMPAIGN’, or ‘SPACE BATTLES’. Neither of which were present in the 2015 game. No wonder fans were upset, these were massive gameplay elements of the first games.

I addressed these issues in a blog post ages ago, and I still stand by my point; that this is EA’s Battlefront. This is NOT a sequel. This series doesn’t want to remaster an already popular game, but reimagine it, using the original material as a base to build from. So we have large-scale battles, beautiful and large maps, intense firefights. We are missing huge characteristics of the first series; such as classes, single-player and competitive online game modes like Galactic Conquest, space battles, different eras, etc. but doesn’t this emphasise the point? We will all relish the memories of our first Battlefront victory, but time’s changed, let’s enjoy what we have (a gorgeous looking Star Wars game) and hope that classic features make a return in Battlefront 2.

Yes, Battlefront 2. What can we expect to see, come April 15th? Well, I have a few ideas that I anticipate and really want to see make it into the sequel. 

Firstly, I don’t think that we’ll see Kylo Ren or Rey having a clash. Episode 8 will be coming out around the same time as Battlefront 2, before the holidays, and I can’t see how a Battlefront could work on two films without the final chapter. Arguably, they could add Episode 9 as DLC, but it would have to release two years after the game’s release. It just wouldn’t make sense. Also, there’s the issue of how much content would they be able to use from Episode 8 to avoid spoiling the film? The new era of Star Wars is just too complicated to touch at the moment.

Which is why I think the Clone Wars is perfect for the sequel. The lore is there, the films are done, ignore the questionable scripts and focus on those battles. It’s going to happen at some point, and I think that time is now. Imagine the battle of Genosis recreated in DICE’s stunning Frostbite engine. Even in the case of the battle of Naboo and the unbearable Gungans – it’ll look amazing. Battlefront 2015 played it safe. They went with the original trilogy and pulled on people’s heartstrings with lifelike images of Hoth and Endor. Battlefront 2 opens up more risk and creative freedom. They know what the fans want, and they have the resources to pull it off.

A single-player campaign has been confirmed by sources across the web, but space battles are still in question. I assume that EA have heard the complaints even if they weren’t listening for it. So, I expect to see these painfully regurgitated outcries sought to. It would be fairly dumb not to, wouldn’t you think?

Again, I expect another £40 on top of the £40 cost of the base game for the season pass, it’s just EA’s way. Battlefield 1 had the same model, and it’s sad to see it become commonplace, especially at such a high price. Compared to other season passes that retail at £20 (Witcher 3 for example), it’s not difficult to question its actual worth. Unfortunately for me this is a Star Wars game, and I’m more than likely to spend the £40 for a handful of extra hero characters (Jango and Grievous better not be DLC!).

Let’s see the Battlefront we deserve on the 15th. For goodness sake, give the people space battles!*

Alexander Jones

*Disclaimer: I don’t care much for the space battles, I’d rather be on the ground. But, hey-ho, FOR THE PEOPLE! 


E3: Battlefield 1 Impressions

This was the game I wanted to see at E3. Another installment of addictive multiplayer madness, fully equipped with destructible environments, dynamic weather, punchy guns and now behemoths!


There’s been an abundance of modern day and futuristic shooters over the last couple of years, and it’s fair to say that some people are getting tired of seeing the same old with every new title. Now, it’s also fair to suggest that going back to World War 2 (a setting that holds a special place in many gamer’s hearts) would also be rather tiresome. How many times can you storm the beaches on D-Day? Or massacre Nazis in Berlin? Too many times most likely. Battlefield 1 is something different, even when it feels familiar. It’s by no long stretch revolutionary; you can feel the same solid Battlefield gameplay from 4 and Hardline, you can also feel some form of comfort in the setting as it resembles but classic FPs games. But this is World War 1, a whole different frontier. New locations, new technology, new battlefield.


The E3 presentation by EA gave us a new campaign and gameplay trailer which demonstrated some of the locales that will (inevitably) be leveled in the Frostbite engine. We were also treated to three complete multiplayer matches, featuring YouTube gaming stars and, believe it or not, *real celebrities. Snoop Dog died continuously whilst smoking a spliff, Zac Efron looked disturbingly confused whilst driving a tank and Wiz Khalifa was…actually alright? It was a funny game to watch, even if a bit silly. The world finally witness some of the Battlefield 1 goodness, and it looks great. I can already see myself falling in love with this brutal game. Without a doubt, the bayonet charge that has been added to the franchise is my favourite feature, just look at it!


We don’t have to wait too long for the announced beta of the game (just let us play the damn thing already!), and not too long for the full release in October. Battlefield 1 is definitely in my top 3 games from E3, I just need my multiplayer fix! The other titles that I’m looking forward to grasping with full force is Mafia 3 (thoroughly enjoyed the second one), and hopefully the official reveal of another Red Dead game. In the meantime, Halo Wars 2 looks promising – too many games, so little money, no fair!

Alexander Jones

Star Wars Battlefront – The Rebirth of Gaming?

As we crawl closer to the annual Star Wars celebration in April, Battlefront fans such as myself are exploding with anticipation for the first gameplay trailer.

2004. Wait 2004? It’s been that long? 11 years since the first and best Star Wars Battlefront game. Now I’m only 19 and that fact makes me feel old. After the original Battlefront game we’ve seen a few different iterations on Sony’s handheld PSP ending in 2009 with Elite Squadron. I bought and played all of the these games for hours, I just couldn’t get enough of fighting as a common soldier rather than the center figure. This concept of being one of the many has always appealed to me. In any game when you are a part of the larger whole it feels epic. That could just be me, but I don’t care.

1199597814_battlefrontStar_Wars_Battlefront_II_wallpap Star_Wars_Battlefront_-_Renegade_Squadron_1019200734022PM997Battlefront elite squadron

When EA announced the resurrection of the Battlefront series in 2013, I was extremely excited (to say the least, pretty sure I jumped out of my chair). Out of all the games I love to play this series is at the top of them. Assassin’s Creed has become pretty stale in my opinion, I felt the same with Halo when the 4th installment was released but Guardians is coming across as more refined and fresh so pumped for that.

Games are becoming increasingly samey and boring to me so I’m moving through different games relatively quickly. The new Star Wars Battlefront I hope will change this.

Alexander Jones