The Curious Clawed Warrior

AKA the gerbil.

I recently acquired two little furry friends to join the already extensive list of warm-blooded creatures roaming the house. Two Mongolian gerbils named Han and Chewie (of course). I’ve researched into small animals as pets for a while as I wanted one in university, but never got any. So when I came back from finishing my final year I just so happened to stop at Pets at Home and that’s when it happened. My mum wasn’t too keen, but my dad didn’t seem to mind as long as I cared for them myself – duh, that’s the point!

So now I have two little gerbils in a pretty decent starter gerbilirium. However, I already have plans for a larger home in the future. That’s part of the fun with small pets; you can create so many playgrounds with so little. They love to burrow and create tunnels and systems of travel on their own. It’s fascinating to watch and requires very little effort from you, the owner.

My gerbils are about 3 months old now and are getting fairly used to me – they realise I am the Treat Master – which is enjoyable. Naturally they flee because they’re prey animals, but they’ve grown used to my presence and come up to me instead of hiding. It’s awesome seeing some real progress in training and taming your new animals.

I’m curious to see what these little fellas get up to in their time with and without me – the environment they build changes every time I come back home, it’s crazy! Gerbils are amazing pets and easy to look after, so say hello to Han and Chewie!


Alexander Jones


Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

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