Awesome Cosplays – Part 1

Cosplaying as a hobby is pretty darn cool. Before I even went to my first Comic-Con, I saw numerous cosplays of Star Wars, Mass Effect, Avengers, Dead Space etc. and I was impressed. Forever since I have been eager to acquire myself an outfit to join the amazing and ever-growing community. In this post I want to explore a bunch of recent and pretty snazzy cosplays that I find unique and great, as well as talk about my own experiences with the activity itself, enjoy!


Here’s a bunch of cosplays that were taken around Wondercon 2016 mostly, and some from San Diego’s Comic-Con 2016. You’ve got to admire the work people put into these costumes. Just imagine the hundreds and hundreds of hours that are dedicated to creating people’s favourite characters. It’s no wonder cosplay events have become so popular over the years. People want to have fun and dress up at any chance they can without the worry of being insulted or judged. It’s truly a great thing.

I can’t help but share the numerous Star Wars cosplays that pop up, they’re just so good most of the time. I had to hold myself back from putting more up to be honest. Being one of the most iconic series around, it’s justified why so many fans want to be part of the growing galaxy. It’s the effort and amazing costumes that I see online which inspires me to get involved myself. I desperately want to join in on my next Comic Con. Luckily for me, I plan on going to London’s Film and Comic-Con this summer. Will I be wearing my First Order Stormtrooper outfit? No, probably not because it doesn’t exist. Oh, how I wish I had more money for these things. All these nerdy craves that need to be fulfilled but being the poor student that I am, this is merely a dream. I can forever hope that one day someone will feel sorry for me and donate one million pounds. Imagine the cosplay(s) you could create with that sort of affluence.

So in the meantime, I sit here in my slightly cold university room, jealously admiring the cosplay photos of others and pondering on my own creative ideas for the future. One day, you may even see a cosplay photo of me. But until then, lookout for my next blog post which could be anything at the moment. I plan on making another post like this (hopefully more in-depth), when I have the time to do so. University finals beckon for me these dire days. Thanks for reading.


Alexander Jones


Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

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