Trying to Lose Weight

Well hello there, in this post I am going to tell you about the things I plan on doing to get a little healthier and lose some weight. I haven’t felt comfortable in my own skin for a very long time, I can’t even remember the last time I did feel good. In the past I’ve told myself over and over again, “today, today I’m going to change”, but never kept with it. I find it hard to motivate myself and don’t have the dedication to keep going on my own.

Recently however I have contacted my older brother about some tips and help losing weight as he did it ages ago. I thought he’d have a good idea about it seeing as he ACTUALLY did it. So now I have some things I’m going to change in my daily life to hopefully trim some fat and eat a little better. I’ve already made small adjustments as of today to my diet. Once I finally diminish my old shop of food, I’m going to follow a strict diet of healthy breakfasts, lunches and teas (green tea and dinner tea). I think that changing your diet is the first step to getting healthy, if you don’t eat great food, how can you expect to have a great body? Not just looks but internally too. Of course I would love to have a better looking body and that’s the main reason I am going to change my diet, but by eating healthy foods you help maintain your insides too. Benefits such as lowering the chances of cancer and heart attacks for example. It all works towards a greater self.

I know this post is a bit random, but hopefully I can keep looking at this post myself, like a reminder, that I must keep pursuing a healthier and better lifestyle.

Alexander Jones

Cardiff Festival!

So the other day (Saturday 11th July) I went down to Cardiff Bay with my parents to enjoy the Cardiff Festival or Food Festival. I have never been to this festival, or many festivals before to be honest, but I was taken back for a moment by how popular this event actually was. We struggled to find any parking at first, but were able to find one eventually quite close to the train station, which was packed. People seemed to be sprawling out of every corner of Cardiff for this festival it was crazy!

image2 (1)

It looked like everyone in Cardiff had come down to the bay for this, which gave the whole site an amazing atmosphere to say the least. The smells of all the different food stalls dotted around would a stuffed fat man hungry, just thinking about it as I write makes me hungry, I want to have food now.


I was lucky enough to get a few items from the festival such as some lovely ciders, a small bottle of vodka, some fudge and dandelion and Burdock cordial. All in all very nice. For lunch my parents and I scouted many of the stalls for something suitable for vegetarians (my mum) and also a place with a queue that wouldn’t end in China. We decided to go for the Meat and Greek stand which, you guessed it, served lovely Greek food. It was really lush, couldn’t say any more other than I loved it.

Alexander Jones