Badger, badger, badger! – A diary of my garden wildlife

How exciting, since I’ve been home from uni my garden has been raided by numerous nocturnal friends. Badgers, foxes, owls, bats and mice, open party at my place, consider that an invite for all your furry buddies!

No joke though, these guys are frequent visitors, they act like it’s their own turf. When I first moved into the new house, my mum and dad claimed they had spotted the odd fox, but I had no luck seeing any of these rumoured creatures. Not until recently. The last couple of weeks I have seen two adult foxes, four fox cubs and five badgers! Now that is something special. With many a night peeking from my brother’s window trying to get a good view of the night crawlers, and with the upcoming Springwatch programme, I took the initiative and purchased one of those fancy nature watch cameras that captured infrared for nighttime pictures and videos.


With this wild blog post I thought I’d share some of my images I got of these almost-mythical beasts. One thing I must point out is the secret method of attracting more animal activity in your garden, it’s super secret so don’t spread it among your friends – they like dog food. Yep, you heard me correct, apparently wild animals love free handouts. No surprise really, whenever we scattered some cheap dog food around the garden we were rewarded with a spectacular display of nature. Albeit wonderful to watch, it can also be very tiring waiting for animals to appear and trigger our sensor lights so we can clearly see them.


Overall it has been fantastic to see that I live surrounded by these very lively creatures, they truly are a sight to behold. After living in Cardiff city for so long it is great to come back to the countryside and witness its nature.

Alexander Jones