Equality for all nipples! #freethenipple

Another reason for me to love Iceland even more.

Iceland is one of the greatest places for gender equality; reports claim that it has the smallest gender gap in the world. That’s pretty impressive, no wonder Iceland’s #freethenipple protest is so successful with Icelandic women, they don’t have the same significant gap between female and male as the rest of the world. Of course there will still be discrimination and probably sexualisation, but this protest demonstrates that the majority believes in equality. IMG_6821

I’ve always found it a weird conversation; when it comes to discussing the differences in how men can present their bodies and how women present their bodies you’d think it’d be pretty much the same, but it’s not. I’ve been brought up to sexualise the bare chest of a woman, now I can’t help that entirely, blame the media. Breasts are advertised constantly as sexual objects in which a woman bares and a man owns. Men make constant remarks and gestures directed towards a woman’s chest and it goes unquestioned in most scenarios, although we are seeing some changes where the topic of boobs is completely avoided. This isn’t good either. People, especially children, need to learn what breasts are there for: to feed children. If we could all push the scientific reasoning behind why women have them maybe people will be convinced enough to just accept them being there, like men’s bare chests.

Men go topless all the time, why can’t women? If we all have to see some guy’s hairy pot belly wobbling round on the street, why can’t we see some all-natural, perfectly normal, not-weird-in-any-way, scientifically-put-there breasts? I don’t understand society. When I’ve been abroad, I’ve noticed that it’s perfectly fine for women to strip down to basically nothing on the beach, if we can accept it there, we can accept it anywhere (apart from in a very formal business meeting, or an interview for a job, or at a funeral, or whilst skydiving…wait, hasn’t someone done that?). All joking aside, I believe that there is a time and a place for everything. If a man can do it, so should a woman be able to.

Iceland isn’t the only place that’s freeing the nipple, so join in and rebel against the nipple police!

Alexander Jones


Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

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