I lost my Comic Con Virginity

Today has been a pretty awesome day. Today is the day I lost my Comic Con virginity at Cardiff. Comic cons have always appealed to me, but I always seem to miss the chance to go. Not this time. This time I was able to explore my inner nerd. The special guests this time round included Daniel Portman (a.k.a Podrick Payne from Game of Thrones), Ray Park who played Darth Maul in Star Wars, Kenny Baker who is R2D2 and a list of numerous other celebrities. The celebrities definitely bring in the crowds but the numerous stalls appealing to all types of nerd keep people busy. comic con 003comic con 006ย comic con 021comic con 016 I spent quite a bit of money on autographs and a couple of books (oh, and a cheese and bacon burger mmm), but in all honesty I could of spent so much more money. There was a load of incredible stuff; one of my favourites has got to be the sword and gun prop stall. Bit pricey, but everything there enticed me. comic con 007comic con 026 The atmosphere was insane. We arrived a bit late, around 1 o’clock, and the Motorpoint Arena was heaving. I was thoroughly impressed by the effort made by everyone for cosplays. I was able to take a bunch of photos which I’ll post on here to show you. comic con 029 After this epic event, I am definitely going to come to the next one, and maybe even cosplay… Alexander Jones


Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

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