Star Wars Battlefront – The Rebirth of Gaming?

As we crawl closer to the annual Star Wars celebration in April, Battlefront fans such as myself are exploding with anticipation for the first gameplay trailer.

2004. Wait 2004? It’s been that long? 11 years since the first and best Star Wars Battlefront game. Now I’m only 19 and that fact makes me feel old. After the original Battlefront game we’ve seen a few different iterations on Sony’s handheld PSP ending in 2009 with Elite Squadron. I bought and played all of the these games for hours, I just couldn’t get enough of fighting as a common soldier rather than the center figure. This concept of being one of the many has always appealed to me. In any game when you are a part of the larger whole it feels epic. That could just be me, but I don’t care.

1199597814_battlefrontStar_Wars_Battlefront_II_wallpap Star_Wars_Battlefront_-_Renegade_Squadron_1019200734022PM997Battlefront elite squadron

When EA announced the resurrection of the Battlefront series in 2013, I was extremely excited (to say the least, pretty sure I jumped out of my chair). Out of all the games I love to play this series is at the top of them. Assassin’s Creed has become pretty stale in my opinion, I felt the same with Halo when the 4th installment was released but Guardians is coming across as more refined and fresh so pumped for that.

Games are becoming increasingly samey and boring to me so I’m moving through different games relatively quickly. The new Star Wars Battlefront I hope will change this.

Alexander Jones


Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront – The Rebirth of Gaming?”

  1. Not big on Battlefront or the overarching lineage of Star Wars as a whole, but even I am marginally excited by this title. Seems they’ve taken enough time to refine every facet until its at least a respectable standard.


    1. If I was you I’d definitely give it a go. I know for sure it’ll be a typical EA DLC cash grabbing scheme like all the new battlefields but for a series I love I’ll pay the premium. It really appears that the team behind it are passionate about the game though, which is the best any fan could ask for 🙂

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