I Love Your Big Mac, Mac.

Where do I start with this? I’ve been browsing the web, trying to find McDonald’s adverts to study in terms of semiotics, and I came across some very odd, sexualised food adverts.

I guess it’s true, sex sells. I don’t really associate a double cheese burger with anything remotely sexual, but I guess that’s what these massive corporations want us to do though. It’s really weird, I found this advert that (apparently) featured in a Playboy magazine advertising a Big Mac using sarcastic sexualised language. The ad starts by saying “stop staring at me like I’m some piece of meat” which is a phrase often used in defence of objectification and sexualisation. In the context of being in a Playboy magazine which features naked women for the pleasure of men, this ad knows what audience it’s targeting. By using sexual language to sell it’s product, McDonald’s successfully understands how to attract the consumer.

Food and sex

In my opinion the sexualisation of food is just a bit too creepy for me. I laugh at it, but it’s weird. I love food, I don’t need these strange images of slim, near-naked women eating unbelievably fattening burgers and fries. It feels cheap, which I guess is the point of fast-food, but what I really mean is, it’s a cheap tactic in order to gain sales. It’s no surprise I suppose as it has been used by numerous fast-food venues over the years; such as the ridiculous Burger King ad about a 7 inch sandwich. Yum.



Alexander Jones


Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

6 thoughts on “I Love Your Big Mac, Mac.”

  1. What about Carls Jr. use to have some very explicit commericials too. Sex sales unfortunately! Some say the coke bottle is shaped like a women do you think that is true. Either way where are all these images taking us as a society!


    1. Yeah it does, but doesn’t seem a bit weird when a mega company that targets children uses such sexual ads? I haven’t thought of that before, that’s quite interesting. In this day and age I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore!

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  2. I agree with Woodsyman; advertising companies use sex to sell everything. Are we being prudish? Or is it something we should be used to? Not sure – but morally got to be wrong when advertising a product aimed at children…

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