I lost my Comic Con Virginity

Today has been a pretty awesome day. Today is the day I lost my Comic Con virginity at Cardiff. Comic cons have always appealed to me, but I always seem to miss the chance to go. Not this time. This time I was able to explore my inner nerd. The special guests this time round included Daniel Portman (a.k.a Podrick Payne from Game of Thrones), Ray Park who played Darth Maul in Star Wars, Kenny Baker who is R2D2 and a list of numerous other celebrities. The celebrities definitely bring in the crowds but the numerous stalls appealing to all types of nerd keep people busy. comic con 003comic con 006 comic con 021comic con 016 I spent quite a bit of money on autographs and a couple of books (oh, and a cheese and bacon burger mmm), but in all honesty I could of spent so much more money. There was a load of incredible stuff; one of my favourites has got to be the sword and gun prop stall. Bit pricey, but everything there enticed me. comic con 007comic con 026 The atmosphere was insane. We arrived a bit late, around 1 o’clock, and the Motorpoint Arena was heaving. I was thoroughly impressed by the effort made by everyone for cosplays. I was able to take a bunch of photos which I’ll post on here to show you. comic con 029 After this epic event, I am definitely going to come to the next one, and maybe even cosplay… Alexander Jones

Star Wars Battlefront – The Rebirth of Gaming?

As we crawl closer to the annual Star Wars celebration in April, Battlefront fans such as myself are exploding with anticipation for the first gameplay trailer.

2004. Wait 2004? It’s been that long? 11 years since the first and best Star Wars Battlefront game. Now I’m only 19 and that fact makes me feel old. After the original Battlefront game we’ve seen a few different iterations on Sony’s handheld PSP ending in 2009 with Elite Squadron. I bought and played all of the these games for hours, I just couldn’t get enough of fighting as a common soldier rather than the center figure. This concept of being one of the many has always appealed to me. In any game when you are a part of the larger whole it feels epic. That could just be me, but I don’t care.

1199597814_battlefrontStar_Wars_Battlefront_II_wallpap Star_Wars_Battlefront_-_Renegade_Squadron_1019200734022PM997Battlefront elite squadron

When EA announced the resurrection of the Battlefront series in 2013, I was extremely excited (to say the least, pretty sure I jumped out of my chair). Out of all the games I love to play this series is at the top of them. Assassin’s Creed has become pretty stale in my opinion, I felt the same with Halo when the 4th installment was released but Guardians is coming across as more refined and fresh so pumped for that.

Games are becoming increasingly samey and boring to me so I’m moving through different games relatively quickly. The new Star Wars Battlefront I hope will change this.

Alexander Jones


I Love Your Big Mac, Mac.

Where do I start with this? I’ve been browsing the web, trying to find McDonald’s adverts to study in terms of semiotics, and I came across some very odd, sexualised food adverts.

I guess it’s true, sex sells. I don’t really associate a double cheese burger with anything remotely sexual, but I guess that’s what these massive corporations want us to do though. It’s really weird, I found this advert that (apparently) featured in a Playboy magazine advertising a Big Mac using sarcastic sexualised language. The ad starts by saying “stop staring at me like I’m some piece of meat” which is a phrase often used in defence of objectification and sexualisation. In the context of being in a Playboy magazine which features naked women for the pleasure of men, this ad knows what audience it’s targeting. By using sexual language to sell it’s product, McDonald’s successfully understands how to attract the consumer.

Food and sex

In my opinion the sexualisation of food is just a bit too creepy for me. I laugh at it, but it’s weird. I love food, I don’t need these strange images of slim, near-naked women eating unbelievably fattening burgers and fries. It feels cheap, which I guess is the point of fast-food, but what I really mean is, it’s a cheap tactic in order to gain sales. It’s no surprise I suppose as it has been used by numerous fast-food venues over the years; such as the ridiculous Burger King ad about a 7 inch sandwich. Yum.



Alexander Jones

FeD & Red Hot: The Battle of the Buffets

Buffet food is like binge watching on Netflix; you know you should stop, but you just can’t resist going back for more.

Who doesn’t like buffet food? It is fundamental to our survival, you can’t really escape it either. You may not choose to to visit a buffet restaurant, however you’ll find it rather center-pieced at many life events; weddings, birthdays, funerals, leaving do’s, the opening of a new business, the summer barbecue, it just never ends. And we love it.

For the past couple of years Red Hot World Buffet has been my one-stop place for a rather more formal buffet dinner with friends and work socials. But now we have the fairly new Food Exploration Destination, a.k.a FeD, situated not so far away. I’ve been lucky enough to feed my stomach’s desire at both of these fantastic venues and with this mini-post I’ll give you a brief rundown on what I thought.


Firstly, Red Hot. This very warmly coloured restaurant offers a wide variety of food such as a sushi bar, Italian pizza, British pies, Indian curries, Mexican tortillas, Chinese noodles and a range of desserts. With such a vast choice to pick from it’s difficult not serving everything onto your first plate and regretting being full so early in the process. The price ranges from different days, with Saturday being the most expensive time at £14.99.


Secondly, we have FeD. This venue is visually simple but bright. Lots of whites which make it a little less cosy and more professional. The food selections are VERY similar however when I visited there was a lack of British food, this was subsidised by the much nicer grill (where they cook steak and burgers to your liking) and larger range of desserts. The pricing is the same apart from Friday is 14.99, whereas Red Hot is available at 13.99.

It’s up to you where you want to go, in my opinion they are extremely alike, apart from the few differences noted, this is likely because the two people who created FeD came from Red Hot World Buffet. If I was going to choose however, I’d likely pick FeD.

FeD: http://www.wearefed.co.uk/

Red Hot World Buffet: http://redhotworldbuffet.com/restaurants/cardiff/

Alexander Jones