Big Hero 6 – The story of a lovable talking marshmallow

“Are you satisfied with your care?”

Baymax: the adorable robot that has the sole purpose of ensuring that your health service is satisfied. Now you have to agree with me, Baymax looks like a walking, talking, huggable marshmallow. His simple design and innocent, almost unknowing, face makes him the cutest creation from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Real-life Baymax is the best thing EVER.

The hit Big Hero 6 has taken the film world by storm halting Kingsman: The Secret Service’s climb to top in the UK with earnings of £7.48m according to an article by The Guardian. Not taking over in total earnings as of yet, but is sure to grow massively during school half-term.

I have seen both of said films and both are equally worthy of topping box office in my opinion. Kingsman offers a mature action-packed comedy which was a joy to see (it surprised me as the trailer didn’t justify it at all).

However Big Hero 6 will appeal to all ages. Nobody can resist the big inflatable robot. His personality may come across as plain but that’s what makes him so attractive. His mission to make sure the main protagonist Hiro is healthy and satisfied with the care he provides makes him a character difficult not to say “awww” to.

That’s basically all I did during the entirety of the film…



Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

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