New month, new semester…

The spring semester has begun and my new modules are underway. University continues to go on, and the weather also continues to freeze us within our homes. 

Last week students were summoned by their lecturers to attend the first of many wonderfully insightful lectures. I was one of them. I was surprised to see that over half of the student population actually turned up. I was even more surprised to see that most of them were sober.

My first lecture was on the Tuesday for Social Media Trends (ooo) and to show how good of a start we were having to our first day back the lecturer was an hour late due to public transport being late (darn the trusty public transport, always so reliable) and we were sent away for an hour to “get coffee”. Pfft, I don’t drink “coffee”. Coffee is for the mentally unstable and Americans. Instead I went to Starbucks in the union with my good friend Sasha to have a, wait for it… caramel frappuccino. After the slightly above average drink we made our way back for a one hour session with our new social media trends lecturer. The content of the lecture itself did interest me and the work we have to do in the future sounded pretty decent. The main assessment is based around a group digital project in which we have to create an app/website/service etc. that was capable of social networking capability. Funky beans. The other major part was a “blog” or something, not too sure about that one.

My second lecture took place an hour after the social media trends session had finished and was titled Advertising and The Consumer Society. Another fairly interesting module that was lectured by the legendary John Jewell; a man praised by many, also I follow him on Twitter. I’m a good student. The three hour slot for this lecture was very intimidating but the reality wasn’t as harsh a blow as the final hour or so consisted of a film/documentary about a man named Toscani. Possibly the craziest creative person ever to exist. Honestly go look at his work on Google images, some eye-catching material.

image1Told you so… (Also I stuck his face in there)

The final lecture might be my least favourite of the bunch, however I feel it will be the most useful module for me in the future. Doing Media Research is one of the core modules that plans to teach us amateur students how to conduct research and propose a dissertation idea that may end up being the dissertation that we carry out in our final year. So yeah, very helpful.

I’m looking forward to see how these modules play out this semester and I’m especially pleased to see that there are no exams in the summer and that most of the work is practical (as I predicted), here’s to a good second half!

Alexander Jones


Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

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