Things I’m looking forward to in 2015 

Hey so it’s 2015 now believe it not, go on, ask the Maya, it’s true. We all survived until the year 2015, congrats everyone well done. 

I thought I’d share a few things such as events and whatnot that I’m looking forward to in the amazing year of 2015.


Number 1: The freedom after January exams

Oh boy, January exams. The aftermath of Christmas, the Hyde of Jekyll, the unstoppable and inevitable destruction of the world… Am I exaggerating? No, this is what every student thinks. We go off to our lovely warm homes and families only to return 2 weeks later to the cold, damp jail cell that is our student room. Here you are sentenced to a month of tedious revision and stress that will accumulate to the point that you forget how to speak to other human beings. Your diet? 18p noodles from Lidl and some cheap, badly cooked frozen sausages, Bon appetite prison bait.

The moment of freedom after the last assignment or essay is a moment that should be captured on vine or something “sick” with the kids these days. The shackles are removed and we’re free to binge watch all those Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones box sets we’ve been saving up for.

Number 2: going out for the first time, in like, forever! 

Oh it’s been too long. I miss the fresher days where we used to go out every weekend to various clubs, testing them out as it were, getting excessively drunk (the proud British way) and dancing like a moron to some bassy tunes. We’d all meet up in one of the flats, play some drinking games, have a good laugh and then dance the night away. To top it off, it was more than likely that we’d swing round the local takeaway for some chips on the way back. Those were definitely the days.

Now we are all serious adults, we only drink on special occasions. Those peasants that call themselves first years can stick to their silly vodka shots and Jäger bombs, I’m on the brandy and champagne. Just kidding obviously. Soon we will venture out again, like pups leaving the safety of their home and mother, and we will own the night.

Number 3: The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

I’m such a nerd when it comes to Marvel films. After watching Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the all the other films that followed I’m totally ready for Age of Ultron. Sadly I haven’t got into the comic side of things as of yet but I’m really enjoying the series of films being thrown at us year in, year out. Some people complain, they suck. Yes there’s a lot, who cares, I just want to see Cap fling his shield at bad guys and watch Tony Stark be all sassy. It’s got it’s charm.

It’s old news but I’m also looking forward to the second Guardians of the Galaxy film. I mean the first one was such a surprise it shocked me how funny and great it truly was. I have a poster on my wall and everything. I’m not sure if Avengers can live up to it in all honesty, we’ll just have to wait and find out. It looks like The Avengers will return sometime in May and I’ll be one of the first to see it. Will you?

Number 4: journalism spring ball 

Last year I was a fool. I didn’t make the effort to turn off my Xbox…I mean put down a really sophisticated, academic, course-related book, and go outside to attend the journalism ball. This year I will not make the same mistake. The tickets are on sale now and are close to gone, so I’ll be making a move for mine soon. There’s two reasons that I really want to attend this years ball, number one is that I feel that I missed something special last year, and the second is that it’s taking place in my previous workplace: the Angel hotel. Oh does it delight me to hear that. It’ll be such a weirdly wonderful experience to see old friends and enjoy the hospitality rather than providing it. The hotel itself makes a great venue for events such as balls because of its grand staircase which I just love. This should be a night to remember!

Number 5: The Wombats and Imagine Dragons new album releases

Two of my favourite bands are releasing some brand new tunes this year. The Wombats are coming out with some fresh stuff which is nice because it feels like ages since I heard ‘Your Body is a Weapon’ for the first time. Imagine Dragons have their new album Smoke+Mirrors very soon. Possibly my favourite indie band out there, these guys just blast out some awesome songs which are so easy to listen to. Time to place my pre-orders…

Number 6: Game of Thrones season 5:

How could I of forgotten to add Game of Thrones? Someone fetch the hand of the king, I need a word. The last season of Game of Thrones last year I felt was possibly the best season so far in the series. So much happened; I mean so many people died, stories intensified and Tyrion continues to be a badass, what’s not to like? I won’t spoil anything on here in this post because that wouldn’t be fair to any readers who are yet to experience the thrilling and certainly, emotional, journey that is Game of Thrones. If you haven’t started watching it already then I’m going to assume you will in time for season 5 otherwise your head might end up on a spike!

FYI: Tyrion is my fave. Nothing beats a dwarf outwitting everyone twice his size.


Thanks for reading my blog and taking interest in me! If you’d like to carry on reading more blogs that I write please follow and share as it will really help me out. This post is likely to be updated with more content so stick around!

Alexander Jones


Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

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