Rita Ora’s cleavage is not a problem 

So, it seems a lot of the press has been discussing Rita Ora’s choice of outfit for her interview and promotion of The Voice on BBC’s primetime The One Show.

Complaints piled up regarding Rita Ora’s cleavage being exposed on a family programme before the official watershed had begun.

People made outcries such as “Is Rita Ora’s outfit really suitable for this time of evening?” one message read. “Thankfully my 7-year-old boy is elsewhere. Come on BBC, make the woman put a vest on.”

Another message complained: “I don’t want to see her boobs hanging out on a family programme. I find it quite disgraceful.”

Is there really any need for this sort of censorship? In my honest opinion I don’t think so. There has been a number of times where celebrities have chosen to wear revealing outfits on TV, so why pick on Rita Ora? 

I’m not a fanboy of Rita Ora in any way, but I am a fan of anti-sexism. 

This whole situation has been blown out of proportion by the small majority of people that have found this pop stars taste in fashion “disgraceful”. 

It seems like a very old-fashioned complaint to ridicule a woman’s sense of dress for displaying too much cleavage. It’s not even like its out of place for Rita Ora to wear very little as shown in this photo: 

It’s not like she’s revealing any form of nudity, just a bit of skin, which I find to be sexually empowering for women. 

I know my opinion may be disregarded because I’m a man, but I have studied texts during my course that go into detail about sexism and female inequality and I truly believe that there is nothing wrong with what Rita Ora wore last night. 

Accompanied by Will.I.Am, Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson, the frontman of rock band Kaiser Chiefs, Rita Ora will be taking the place of former judge Kylie Minogue. 

On a final note, an official BBC spokesperson stated that the One Show “allows guests to choose their own attire and pop stars often opt for something glamorous or striking”. 

For a great blog by a fellow Cardiff student have a look at Vicky Chandler’s take: http://www.lotsofloveme.com

Alexander Jones 



Author: alexwelsh95

Magazine journalism trainee. Journalism, media and cultural studies graduate, Cardiff University.

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